Billboard: How .MUSIC can save the music industry by Constantine Roussos

06 March 2012

The Internet has truly democratized the manner that music is delivered and consumed with a click of a button. It has leveled the playing field but at the expense of chaos, decentralization and inconsistency.
My core vision behind the .MUSIC (dotMusic) Top-Level Domain (TLD) was to solve the inefficiencies that the Internet has created through innovation. My definition of disruptive innovation is bringing together two seemingly unrelated industries together and connect the dots to create shared value and a difference that matters. Organizing the music industry on the web can only be accomplished by utilizing the root of the Internet Domain Name System (DNS). Not only does a .MUSIC Top-Level Domain bring consistency, organization and centralization, it also assures ownership and control still remains in the hands of the music industry.

.MUSIC is being launched as a community-based domain. This means that only members of the music community will be able to register the domain. My decision to launch .MUSIC as an exclusive, community-based domain was strategic and integral to ensuring that .MUSIC websites create a trusted Internet zone for music consumption. An example of a TLD that has enjoyed success using this approach is .EDU for education.....

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